The Materiality of Wearable Computers - Craft & Authentic User Experience

Kettley, S., Smyth, M. (2004). The Materiality of Wearable Computers - Craft & Authentic User Experience. The Design Journal, 7, (2), 32-41.

ISBN: 0 7546 4107 4


This paper presents work undertaken as part of the author’s ongoing doctoral research into Wearable Computers, and the processes for designing personal digital artefacts that exhibit materiality. Materiality is discussed in its associations with contemporary craft, and as a means by which tools may cease disappearing in the obsessively rational quest for what Heidegger called readiness-to-hand, and instead become more meaningful for users as objects in interaction. The overall aims of the research are to investigate evidence for the growing desire for authentic experience in everyday life, and to evaluate craft practice for its possible contribution to new design and build processes that can deliver this authenticity.
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