Visualising Social Space with Networked Jewellery

Kettley, S. (2005). Visualising Social Space with Networked Jewellery. In: Turner, P., Davenport, E., Turner, S. (Eds.) More Space, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . .

ISBN: 0-902703-82-X


This presentation outlines a current doctoral research project developing a series of networked ‘smart’ jewellery. There are three main strands to this research: the provision of an application led approach for the novel technology of Speckled Computing; the analysis of ‘craft’ as a way of seeing, and of Contemporary Craft as complementary to the expanding toolbox of HCI (with a reciprocal introduction of new methods and materials to crafts praxis); and the visualisation and analysis of a specific social space, within which the jewellery is placed. It is the third of these strands that this presentation will focus on, describing considerations in the design of methods for data collection and analysis using Grounded Theory and Social Network Analysis.
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