Analysis and migration of location-finding methods for GSM and 3G networks

Buchanan, W., Raja, K., Munoz, J. (2004). Analysis and migration of location-finding methods for GSM and 3G networks. 3G Mobile Communication Technologies, 2004. 3G 2004. Fifth IEE International Conference on , , (), 352 - 358 .

ISBN: 0-86341-388-9
ISSN: 0537-9989


This paper initially reviews the current range of location techniques on GSM networks, such as Cell-ID, GPS, A-GPS, AOA (Angle of Arrival), Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and E-OTD (Enhanced Observed Time Difference) and Signal Strength methods. It shows how these techniques can be applied to the future migration to 3G networks. The paper shows practical experiments of current accuracy of location and how these vary depending on the actual location of the mobile device. Along with this, the paper discusses new enhancements to TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) and Cell-ID methods using improvements to the Timing Advanced signal. These are compared with practical experiments, along with typical accuracies. The paper concludes with practical experiments to illustrate the accuracy of 3G methods on location-finding techniques around cities, and shows how these could be enhanced over GSM methods.
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