A framework for user-interfaces to databases

Mitchell, K., Kennedy, J., Barclay, P. (1996). A framework for user-interfaces to databases. In: Catarci, T., Costabile, M., Levialdi, S., Santucci, G. (Eds.) International Workshop on Advanced Visual Interfaces, AVI\'96, , () ( ed.). (pp. 81-90). Gubbio, Italy: . ACM Press.

ISBN: 0-89791-834-7


A framework for user-interfaces to databases (IDSs) is proposed
which draws from existing research on human computer
interaction (HCI) and database systems. The framework is
described in terms of a classification of the characteristic
components of an IDS. These components, when progressively
refined, may be mapped to a conceptual object-oriented language
for the precise specification of the IDS. A prototype system is
presented, showing the potential for automated mapping of a
language specification to a fully functional implementation. As
well as providing general support to any database interface
developer, we believe that the framework will prove useful for
researching a number of IDS issues.
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Areas of Expertise

Information Visualisation
Information visualisation is the use of enhanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to communicate and interact with complex data sets such as social networks, multiattribute tables, and financial data. Pages of text and numbers are not the most effective way to communicate or understand information.

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