Resetting the compass for the new business information landscape

Hall, H., Burke, M.E. (1998). Resetting the compass for the new business information landscape. Business Information Review, 15, (1), 22-26.



Kaye (1991) recognised the crucial importance of providing new business information managers with an understanding of business per se, as well as the actual sources used in its support. He set the context for the early 1990s in Information and business (Kaye, 1991), which became the standard text for the teaching of several generations of information management and librarianship students, as well as a reference source for practising business information managers. The compilation of a new textbook on business information sources (Burke and Hall, 1998), which owes much to Kaye for its structure and content, has necessitated a thorough review of the subject area. This has provided the opportunity to consider a number of developments in business information, including the current and possible future issues of importance to those involved in its provision. Some of the dominant themes that arose from conducting research in preparation for the new textbook are outlined in this article.

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