Machine independent algorithm for concurrent finite-element problems

Buchanan, W., Gupta, N.K. (1996). Machine independent algorithm for concurrent finite-element problems. In: (Ed.) 3rd International IEEE Conference on Computation in Electromagnetics, 1996, Conf. Publ. No.420, () (Conf. Publ. No.420 ed.). (pp. 17-20). London, UK: . .

ISBN: 0-85296-657-1
ISSN: 0537-9989


The finite-element method, initially developed for mechanical and civil engineering applications, is now applied to electromagnetics. This paper describes how parallel processing applies to finite-element simulations. The methods discussed are the parallel Gaussian elimination and the parallel active column solver. Both methods reduce the time taken to determine the global coefficient matrix. The paper discusses the suitability of row- and column-based approaches when applying the parallel Gaussian method to parallel processing. The parallel active column solver uses a skyline storage technique.
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