Truly distributed control systems using fieldbus technology

Scott, A., Buchanan, W. (2000). Truly distributed control systems using fieldbus technology. In: (Ed.) Engineering of Computer Based Systems, 2000. (ECBS 2000) Proceedings. Seventh IEEE International Conference and Workshopon the Issue Date: 2000, , () ( ed.). (pp. 165-173). Edinburgh , UK : . IEEE.



This paper outlines the three main field bus type standards: FOUNDATION Fieldbus; WorldFIP; and the CAN bus, each of which have great advantages over traditional instrumentation networking technology. The paper shows, using their specification, how they improve traditional control and data acquisition methods. By analysing the main fieldbus types the paper shows how they are more robust, how they can be used to distribute data around the control system (rather than centralise it in traditional systems), provided increased diagnostic information, are easy to implement, fault confinement, and move simple control operations from the main controller to the local environment. This will help to segment industrial plants into zones which can control themselves. The main control will then be responsibility of high-level control, and interzone communications. The paper concludes by discussing how fieldbusses will answer many of the problems of previous control and data acquisition systems
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