Towards a methodology for developing visualizations

Graham, M., Kennedy, J., Benyon, D. (2000). Towards a methodology for developing visualizations. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 53, (), 789-807.

ISBN: 1071-5819


This paper presents a case study of the development of a visualization to represent and explore the relationships between multiple hierarchical structures, specifically botanical taxonomies. The case study outlines the visualization's development from initial meetings with taxonomists, through the early visual sketches of their activitie, and through to the prototype as it exists now after two rounds of usability testing. Qualitative user feedback was elicited from taxonomists who used the system, using standard techniques, taken from traditional usability methodologies such as direct observation, concurrent verbal testing and stages of development arising from the information visualization (IV) approach to the graphical display, as contrasted to a more standard graphical user interface (GUI), are noted and solutions proposed.
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