Addressing Student Recruitment Challenges through the use of Information Technology and Processes

Naumov, B. (2017). Addressing Student Recruitment Challenges through the use of Information Technology and Processes (MSc Business Information Technology Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Cruickshank, P., Paechter, B.).



Following processes of marketization and expansions within the higher education sector, as well as external changes in the sphere of technology, politics and demographics, student recruitment and student recruitment teams are faced with more challenges than ever.

This has lead to the adoption of practices often observed in traditional industries, such as the adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in an effort to improve recruitment processes and retention.

The aim of this study is to conduct initial research into the niche area of CRM systems use in Student Recruitment teams, as well as the specific challenges faced in CRM
systems implementation by those teams and the methods of success measurement of CRM projects. It has been shown that universities have been widely adopting this technology over the past few years, without much research into the benefits of CRM systems in use in this respect, as well as the success teams have had with it. Research has been conducted by reviewing existing literature on CRM systems, the Higher Education Market and specific studies into this niche area. In addition to this, semi-structured interviews were undertake with members of staff of various ranks from six major institutions within the UK HE market.
In order to triangulate the findings, a survey questionnaire was conducted on 19 professionals working for an organisation
focusing on providing integrated systems for CRM teams in universities.

Finally, the study concludes on a few assumptions based on the findings, as well as the identification of a previously unexpected trend that may lead universities that have
already been late adopters of this technology to the same mistake in the near future.

The interviews reveal very little planning in terms of future technology adoption and poor measurement of the success of existing CRM projects and whether or not the return on
investment is justified, given the resources.
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