BEFTIGRE: Behaviour‐driven full‐tier green evaluation of mobile cloud applications

Chinenyeze, S., Liu, X., Al-Dubai, A. (2017). BEFTIGRE: Behaviour‐driven full‐tier green evaluation of mobile cloud applications. Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, 29, (2), .



With the resource constrained nature of mobile devices and the resource-abundant offerings of the cloud, several promising optimisation techniques have been proposed by the green computing research community. Prominent techniques and unique methods have been developed to offload resource intensive tasks from mobile devices to the cloud. Although these schemes address similar questions within the same domain of mobile cloud application (MCA) optimisation, evaluation is tailored to the scheme and also solely mobile focused, thus making it difficult to clearly compare with other existing counterparts. In this work we first analyse the existing/commonly adopted evaluation technique, then with the aim to fill the above gap we propose the BEFTIGRE approach which adopts the behaviour-driven concept for evaluating MCA performance and energy usage – i.e. green metrics. In order to automate the evaluation process, we also present and evaluate the effectiveness of a resultant API and tool driven by the Beftigre approach. The API is based on Android and has been validated with EC2 instance. Experiments show that Beftigre is capable of providing a more distinctive, comparable and reliable green test results for MCAs.
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