Exploring student identity and transition through portfolio development

Smith, S., Sobolewska, E., Hunter, D. (2016, ). Exploring student identity and transition through portfolio development. Paper presented at AAEEBL/CRA Understanding the essence(s) of portfolio-based learning., University of Edinburgh.



In creative subjects such as design and digital media, portfolios have been used to enhance graduate employability by capturing skills and critique/ reflection. What is less clear is whether (and, if so, how) students reconstruct their identity through portfolio-based modules specifically designed to increase graduate employability. To prepare students for life after university, Professional Identity through Portfolio Development, was designed for final year creative computing students to support the transition from university to employment. A study of the outcomes found that students more strongly identified themselves with their chosen profession at the end of the module, however the module, in its examination of identity and next steps, appears to have also impacted on the strength of student identity with increased numbers also expressing a stronger student identity after the course.
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