AmbiGaze: Direct Control of Ambient Devices by Gaze

Velloso, E., Wirth, M., Weichel, C., Esteves, A., Gellersen, H. (2016). AmbiGaze: Direct Control of Ambient Devices by Gaze. In: (Ed.) Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, , () ( ed.). (pp. 812-817). : . ACM New York, NY, USA.

ISBN: 978-1-4503-4031-1


Eye tracking offers many opportunities for direct device control in smart environments, but issues such as the need for calibration and the Midas touch problem make it impractical. In this paper, we propose AmbiGaze, a smart environment that employs the animation of targets to provide users with direct control of devices by gaze only through smooth pursuit tracking. We propose a design space of means of exposing functionality through movement and illustrate the concept through four prototypes. We evaluated the system in a user study and found that AmbiGaze enables robust gaze-only interaction with many devices, from multiple positions in the environment, in a spontaneous and comfortable manner.
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