The Perception of Clutter in Linear Diagrams

Alqadah, M., Stapleton, G., Howse, J., Chapman, P. (2016). The Perception of Clutter in Linear Diagrams. In: (Ed.) Diagrammatic Reasoning and Inference, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . Springer.



Linear diagrams are an effective way of representing sets and their relationships. The topological and graphical properties of linear diagrams can affect perceived relative levels of clutter. This paper defines four different measures of clutter for linear diagrams. Participants in an empirical study were asked to rank linear diagrams according to their perception of clutter. We analyzed the correlation between how the clutter measures ranked linear diagrams compared to the overall ranking derived from the participants' perceptions. We concluded that the clutter measure which counts the number of line segments best matches participants' perception.
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