Antipattern Comprehension: An Empirical Evaluation

Hou, T., Chapman, P., Blake, A. (2016). Antipattern Comprehension: An Empirical Evaluation. In: (Ed.) Formal Ontology in Information Systems, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . International Association for Ontology and its Applications.



Comprehension of justifications is known to be difficult for even experienced ontology engineers, and much more so for other stakeholders. In this paper, we present two methods for displaying justifications using concept diagrams: using multiple concept diagrams to represent the justification (one diagram for each axiom); and using a merged concept diagram to represent all axioms in the justification. We performed an empirical evaluation of both methods along with a textual representation of the justification using Protege. The results were that participants could both more accurately and more quickly identify an incoherence when using merged diagrams than using multiple diagrams or Protege statements.
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Information Visualisation
Information visualisation is the use of enhanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to communicate and interact with complex data sets such as social networks, multiattribute tables, and financial data. Pages of text and numbers are not the most effective way to communicate or understand information.

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