Evaluation of a Sketching Interface to Control a Concatenative Synthesiser

Tsiros, A., Leplatre, G. (2016). Evaluation of a Sketching Interface to Control a Concatenative Synthesiser. In: (Ed.) 42nd International Computer Music Conference, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). Utrecht, Netherlands: . .



This paper presents the evaluation of Morpheme a sketching interface for the control of sound synthesis. We explain the task that was designed in order to assess the effectiveness of the interface, detect usability issues and gather participants’ responses regarding cognitive, experiential and expressive aspects of the interaction. The evaluation comprises a design task, where partici-pants were asked to design two soundscapes using the Morpheme interface for two video footages. Responses were gathered using a series of Likert type and open-ended questions. The analysis of the data gathered revealed a number of usability issues, however the performance of Morpheme was satisfactory and participants recognised the creative potential of the interface and the synthesis methods for sound design applications.
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