Using Argumentation Within Sustainable Transport Communication

Wells, S., Pangbourne, K. (2015, June). Using Argumentation Within Sustainable Transport Communication. Paper presented at 1st European Conference on Argumentation: Argumentation and Reasoned Action, Lisbon, Portugal.



In this paper we present the preliminary results of a survey of persuasive communication within the sustainable transport domain. This survey is underpinned by a reconstruction of the arguments used, a scheme oriented analysis of the corpus of reconstructed arguments, and elements of a theoretical and applied framework for using the corpus to effect lasting behaviour change using argumentative techniques within the selfsame domain. The major contribution of this research is to underpin existing motivational and behaviour change communications within the sustainable transport domain with solid argumentation theoretic foundations and to provide an extended corpus of analysed and reusable arguments. This approach brings together two important and complementary research areas, one of which has focussed on psychological models at the expense of practical techniques, and the other which has focussed more heavily on ideal reasoners and normative models, almost to the exclusion of consideration of the messy thinking that characterises human action in the real world.
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