An Android Application to Enable Localised Access to Services Using Wi-Fi

Crowson, L. (2013). An Android Application to Enable Localised Access to Services Using Wi-Fi (BEng (Hons) Computing Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Kerridge, J., Urquhart, N.).



The aim of this project is to create an Android application which is able to automatically download different user interfaces and processes, depending upon the wireless network to which the device is currently connected. The user can then interact with the Android application which can communicate with the server over the network. The final deliverable forms the underlying base system on to which any number of user interfaces and processes may be implemented. It is ideally suited to organisations which are dispersed over a wide area and who wish to provide a variety services in different places such as councils, retail outlets, or universities.

The system is implemented using the Java programming language and it utilises the Communicating Sequential Processes for Java (JCSP) package library which greatly simplifies the implementation of the network communications. Each stage of the project was preceded by a technical review in order to design a suitable approach prior to implementation. The main source of information is the Android Developers website which contains reference guides and API guides. Additionally, the Stack Overflow forum is also frequently referred to as it is a reliable source of information when troubleshooting problems.

All of the objectives of the project were completed, with the exception of the user preferences feature. This would have improved the security of the system by giving the user more control over the networks with which the application can interact. In order to evaluate the project, a peer-review was conducted among students from the School of Computing. The results were very positive, with the volunteers reporting good response times and, surprisingly, fewer security concerns than anticipated.
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