Multi-Role Health Services Users In A Wireless

Boag, J. (2006). Multi-Role Health Services Users In A Wireless (BEng (Hons) Software Engineering Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Kerridge, J.).



Mobile devices have increased exponentially in power and performance in recent years. At the same time, wireless networks have become more common, allowing scope for the investigation of their parallel application.

This project, through their combination, aims to create a location-dependent, multirole system for a wireless Health Services environment. This will allow the user's mobile device to connect to the network and download a 'process' specific to the location they connect from, differentiated by their Wireless Access Point (WAP).

It will achieve this using a combination of the Java and Groovy programming languages and a number of packages and tools designed for them. Central to the project will be the use of JCSP, which will be thoroughly investigated to determine its potential for the communication of complex processes between processors across the wireless network.

In addition to this, this report details the findings of investigations into the use and potential of parallel systems as well as Communicating Sequential Processes in general, and JCSP in particular. It will also look at SQL (Structure Query Language), SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit), previous research into wireless environments, and research into their application within hospital environments.

The implementation and design of the Health Services system will be discussed, as will the findings of this project. Finally, we will consider how it could be extended and the
ways that future projects could build upon it.
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