Interactive Access to Museum Information using Visitor’s own Mobile Devices

Savage, L. (2007). Interactive Access to Museum Information using Visitor’s own Mobile Devices (BEng (Hons) Software Engineering Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Kerridge, J., Turner, S.).



Development within the mobile device industry in previous years has enabled the use of portable, handheld access. The devices used for such access are proficient in communicating using Wireless and Bluetooth networks, able to load colourful imagery and sound files and, advantageously, enable the user to take more control of the content they receive.

The project is based on the conclusions outlined in Celia Curnow’s Master of Science (MSc) project, where a web based prototype was developed for visitors to a pottery exhibition within The Royal Museum Edinburgh, using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). This project has taken the feedback results and modified the idea to improve the overall effectiveness and use of an interactive guide within a museum environment.

Concurrent software will be developed as inspired by Hoare’s communicating sequential processes notation. Multiple mobile devices will be capable of interacting with different artefacts using wireless communication and the concept of mobile processes. The concurrent software will prevent the use of museum based equipment and there will be no costs incurred by the user.

JCSP will be used in conjunction with Java and its new scripting language, Groovy, with a support database created in Apache Derby. Grails, a new dynamic web language, will be used to create a management system to provide museum staff with an attractive interface for updating items stored in the support database.
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