Cloud Computing, Big Data and Social Media strategy proposal for Physical Security Systems Company

Daskalopoulos, C. (2015). Cloud Computing, Big Data and Social Media strategy proposal for Physical Security Systems Company (MSc Business Information Technology Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Bhardwaj, J., Smith, C.).



Globalization and modernization of markets urge the Small Medium Enterprises
(SMEs) to make use of the existing Information Technology (IT) systems in an
effective way in order to survive the intense competition. The phenomenon
becomes inescapably clear especially in countries like Greece that were
affected in an irreversible way from the global recession.
Easy Alarm is a personal small private company specialized in physical security
systems such as alarms, sensors, various detectors and Close Circuit TV
(CCTV). The company operates in Greece under a rapidly changing political
and taxation environment and it needs IT solutions to preserve money and be
This project develops a highly customised IT strategy, tailored according to the
needs of the company, in order to be a useful solution to be implemented by
Easy Alarm. For these reasons, the research explores the usefulness of Cloud
computing, social media and Big Data methodology through the SME
Two techniques are used for this purpose. Initially, the examination of the
literature review reveals the useful attributes, the issues and the prospects of
the above-mentioned IT technologies and methodologies. Afterwards, all the
relevant software applications that are available in the market are presented in
high detail through a technology review. Subsequently, a useful methodology
framework is created using analytical tools. Furthermore, a series of interviews
with the owner of the company are held in order to feed these tools with actual
data and acquire insights into all the aspects of the company.
Finally, a two-stage methodology is developed. This methodology involves an
initial proposal consisting of three key strategies, from which the company has
to choose the most suitable. Then the feedback of the company about the
usefulness of the proposed strategies leads to the development of the ultimate
tailored strategy for Easy Alarm as a combination of the initially proposed
The key findings of the research indicate that there is a gap between what
strategy an SME should choose and what it finally chooses. This gap is a direct
result of the various environmental factors that influence the decision making
process of the company. Moreover, it appears that in many cases, SMEs are
reluctant to invest in new technologies and that they prefer experimental
implementations that are free of charge over paid ones.
In response to the final feedback of the company, it is proposed that actually
what is needed is a piece of software that includes all the useful components
for everyday operation of the company. At the very end of the project, a user
interface prototype is proposed.
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