Visual Techniques to Support Exploratory Analysis of Temporal Graph Data

Kerracher, N., Kennedy, J., Chalmers, K., Graham, M. (2015). Visual Techniques to Support Exploratory Analysis of Temporal Graph Data. In: Kennedy, J., Puppo, E. (Eds.) Proceedings of the Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis '15), Short Papers Track, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). Cagliari: . Eurographics Assocation.



Recently, much research has focused on developing techniques for the visual representation of temporal graph data. This paper takes a wider look at the visual techniques involved in exploratory analysis of such data, considering the variety of sub tasks and contextual tasks required to understand change in a graph over time, and the visual techniques which are able to support these tasks. In so doing, we highlight a number of tasks which are less well supported by existing techniques, which could prove worthwhile avenues for future research.
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Information Visualisation
Information visualisation is the use of enhanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to communicate and interact with complex data sets such as social networks, multiattribute tables, and financial data. Pages of text and numbers are not the most effective way to communicate or understand information.

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