Walking & Talking: Probing the Urban Lived Experience

Stals, S., Smyth, M., IJsselsteijn, W. (2014). Walking & Talking: Probing the Urban Lived Experience. In: (Ed.) Proc of NordiCHI, , () ( ed.). (pp. 737-746). : . ACM Press.



With ubiquitous mobile computing devices spreading
throughout the urban environment of everyday life, there is
a growing need to better understand person-place
relationships and how technology can play a role in this
urban experience. To this end, we propose a mobile
methodology called Walking & Talking, an observed
walking tour with participants through the city, which
makes it easy and motivating for them to discuss their
personal relationships with a place. The paper will describe
a case study where the method was successfully applied to
elicit rich, contextualized and intimate data, making it a
useful research tool for the fields of urban interaction
design and mobile & location aware technology.
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