OPENsenima - Open Source Energy Interceptors for Mobile Apps (Guest Technical Presentation)

Chinenyeze, S. (2014). OPENsenima - Open Source Energy Interceptors for Mobile Apps (Guest Technical Presentation). In: (Ed.) Presentations in 2nd GreenCode Lab Euro Conference, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). Paris, France: . .



In software engineering interceptors are components (or pattern - a way of design) that changes or augments the usual processing cycle of a system. Interceptors can be used for intelligent decision making which consequently improves the user experience of a software system. Current research show that mobile devices are platforms with the most resource constrained units (e.g. processing unit, memory and battery, etc), all of which consume device battery, especially with the advanced/high performance mobile apps in the market. As a response to such concerns, green software investigates techniques to improve the resource/energy usage of applications – which spans through the development process.
The concept of Open Source Interceptors, is to implement decision making (pluggable) components as open source web services for mobile applications, which improve the resource usage of applications of a specified attribute or function. Developing Interceptors (pluggable components) in such manner allows the open community of developers to develop and improve components which enhance mobile energy efficiency, given a system specification.
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