Volume Based Rendering Engine optimisation using the GPU

Miller, M. (2014). Volume Based Rendering Engine optimisation using the GPU (BEng (Hons) Games Development Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Cumming, A., Peng, T.).



This report covers the development done in optimising a volumetric rendering engine using the GPU, primarily using the Geometry Shader. This includes the implementation of various features such as the basic rendering engine, optimisations as well as discussion into more effective techniques for future work.

The primary aspect of optimisation followed was the use of geometry shaders alongside stream-out techniques to load data onto the GPU and then render these points into partial cubes.

It was found over the course of the project that using Geometry Shaders can be effective in rendering volumetric data but required special treatment and consideration. Methods that were used are analysed and discussed in this report as well as other techniques that could be used in future projects such as sparse voxel octrees which would further improve this method of rendering.
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