A Database Modelling and Schema Generation Tool

Munro, A. (2014). A Database Modelling and Schema Generation Tool (BEng (Hons) Software Engineering Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Chisholm, K., Davison, B.).



CASE tools are a valuable resource for software engineers, helping to automate or otherwise assist in aspects of the software development process. These tools are applicable to the design and implementation of database systems. The aims of this project were to investigate existing database CASE tools and to develop a new tool (VDBM: the visual database modeller) that allows the users to design databases using diagrams and generate schema code.

The development of VDBM sought to improve upon other database CASE tools in two main ways – to create the first CASE tool to support the extended functional data model and to create a database modelling tool that is applicable to a wide variety of data models. VDBM was successful in modelling the functional data model and also featured support for MySQL and featured aspects of query-by-example.

VDBM was evaluated and was found to be successful in its purpose of improving over other tools in some respects. As a CASE tool for the functional data model, it was found to be successful. Some challenges were found in adapting some of the diagramming concepts used in VDBM to relational databases but it was still possible to provide a good level of support for these. However, it was found that for VDBM to become a mature CASE tool, more functionality should be added and the user interface should be made more intuitive.
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    Keywords: case tool, vdbm