Performance Analyse of OLSR & AODV using SLAW Mobility Model in MANET Networks

Petrykowska, A. (2014). Performance Analyse of OLSR & AODV using SLAW Mobility Model in MANET Networks (BEng (Hons) CSN Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Jackson, J., Romdhani, I.).



Mobile Ad Hoc Networks can be implemented in places without connectivity, allowing mobile devices to communicate with each other. In this kind of network each
node act as a router and a host, thus routing is important.

Two routing protocols, OLSR and AODV are investigated for video transmission possibilities, as video traffic is taking the lead of the data traffic in the world.

Using Network Simulator 2 (NS2), real world scenario was recreated with the Self-Similar Least Action Human Walk (SLAW) model, to recreate the movement of people carrying mobile devices, who share common interest during an event.
Two scenarios are simulated, the main with full connectivity, and more challenging one, where two areas are connected by only one node, constantly moving along the simulation area. For the first scenario the CBR over UDP traffic is used for the real-time video communication analyze, the other uses FTP over TCP for video-clip

The metric for analyze of the results are the Packet Delivery Fraction, Normalized Routing Load, Average End-to-End Delay, Average Throughput and Energy Consumption. Those are measured based on time slots of the simulation.

The analyze proves that OLSR by using MPRs can achieve smaller delays, especially in more dense areas with relatively slow movement; AODV would be more efficient in highly dynamic network conditions. It is also proven that the performance of those routing protocols cannot be clearly predetermined, as it highly depends on the simulation environment.

Results shows that none of the investigated routing protocols would be sufficient for real-time video streaming in such scenario, as an alternative the video-clip can be transmitted, with decent results even in a challenging conditions.
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