Multi User live video streaming of events via mobile applications

Hussey, J. (2014). Multi User live video streaming of events via mobile applications (MEng (Hons) Software Engineering Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Kemmer, R., Liu, X.).



Social media platforms have acted as a catalyst for users to share their life experiences by means of video, images and text. Live video streams are becoming more and more common place causing an explosion in content generators and viewing patterns are equally changing. The aim of this dissertation is to build a proof of concept which allows users to broadcast and view live video streams over the internet from an event and for the broadcasts to be consolidated in real time in a central location.

This is accomplished by creating a mobile application (Android application, Libstreaming library), a streaming server composed of several technologies (VMWare, Ubuntu, FFMPEG, Node.js, Socket IO, Nginx and the Nginx RTMP module) and a web application using JW Player and jQuery. A component based and iterative approach is used to develop the project which is then evaluated using integration testing, usability testing and software quality metrics. The objectives of the project against the outcomes are appraised and recommendations are provided for future work.
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