'Hyperlocal e-democracy'? The experience of Scotland's Community Councils

Cruickshank, P., Ryan, B., Smith, C. (2014). 'Hyperlocal e-democracy'? The experience of Scotland's Community Councils. In: Parycek, P., Edelmann, N. (Eds.) CeDEM14 Proceedings, , () (2014 ed.). (pp. 73-84). Krems, Austria: . Edition Donau-Universität Krems.

ISBN: 978-3-902505-35-4


This paper is motivated by the need to understand the reality of the use of the now well-established opportunities offered by the internet to engage with citizens. Building on previous research this paper derives a framework tailored for evaluation of e-participation and internet usage by representative bodies at the community or hyperlocal level which was applied in a survey of the use of Scotland’s Community Councils (CCs). The survey found a generally low level of use and engagement with citizens with evn the actually existing websites hosting one-way communication, with only a small minority hosting online discussion and opinion-gathering. A significant factor in the richness of contet is association with other local community groups. Findings are contextualised with reference to other European examples and research indicating a number of contributing factors. The report concludes by suggesting an agenda for further research.
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