HCI public policy activities in 2012: a 10-country discussion

Lazar, J., Abascal, J., Davis, J., Evers, V., Gulliksen, J., Jorge, Joaquim A., McEwan, T., PaternĂ², F., Persson, H., Prates, R., Axelson, H., Winckler, M., Wulf, V. (2012). HCI public policy activities in 2012: a 10-country discussion. Interactions, 19, (3), 78-81.



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Public policy increasingly plays a role in influencing the work that we do as HCI researchers, interaction designers, and practitioners. "Public policy" is a broad term that includes both government policy and policy within non-governmental organizations, such as standards bodies. The Interacting with Public Policy forum focuses on topics at the intersection of human-computer interaction and public policy
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