A Social Technological Alignment Matrix

Thuemmler, C., Mival, O., Lim Jumelle, A., Holanec, I., Fricker, S. (2014, ). A Social Technological Alignment Matrix. Paper presented at IEEE Healthcom 2014, Natal, Brazil.



This paper refers to the term “implementation” as the process of integrating a new technology into established workflows. Especially in health care this has proven to be a very critical phase and many large-scale projects have failed on this very last mile. Although strategies such as requirements engineering, co-designing and user interaction design have been proposed to reduce the risk of end-user rejection and subsequently project failur. There is still no tool to analyze, predict and quantify user acceptance and identify critical areas which might be addressed before the start of the implementation phase in order to reduce resistance and increase the effectiveness and efficiency.
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The way healthcare is delivered changes rapidly. The reasons are demographic and societal changes, austerity and rapid progressive technologies. Care models are shifting from specialist oriented hospital based to distributed, patient centred care.

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