Health: RFID makes surgery safer

Mival, O., Thuemmler, C., Schneider, A., Paulin, A., Kranzfelder, M., Hasan, A. (2014). Health: RFID makes surgery safer. In: Cousin, P. (Ed.) Internet of Things: Success Stories, , () ( ed.). (pp. 54-60). IOT 2014 London: . .



This document presents a novel technique to reduce the risk of forgotten surgical towels in surgery. It is an application of IoT in field of healthcare. Integrating RFID tags into towels and developing an application to read this information allow nurses and surgeons to track the surgical towels and ensure that there are no retained foreign bodies in the abdominal cavity before end- ing the operation.
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The way healthcare is delivered changes rapidly. The reasons are demographic and societal changes, austerity and rapid progressive technologies. Care models are shifting from specialist oriented hospital based to distributed, patient centred care.
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