Temporal Multivariate Networks

Archambault, D., Abello, J., Kennedy, J., Kobourov, S., Ma, K., Miksch, S., Muelder, C., Telea, Alexandru C. (2014). Temporal Multivariate Networks. In: Kerren, A., Purchase, Helen C., Ward, Matthew O. (Eds.) Multivariate Network Visualization, LNCS 8380, () ( ed.). (pp. 151-175). : . Springer-Verlag.



In this chapter, we de fine, characterize, and summarize the data and visualization techniques relating to temporal multivariate networks. Section 2.1.1 provides defi nitions and examples that characterize the networks we address in
this chapter. We further refi ne our defi nitions of time in Sect. 8.2. In Sect. 8.3, we survey representations for dynamic multivariate networks and provide a survey of visualization techniques. We describe the visualization of temporal multivariate networks in the domain of software engineering in Sect. 8.4. Finally, Sect. 8.5 describes open problems in this area.
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