The Risks and Opportunities of Mobile Working within Cloud Environments

Buchanan, W., Smales, A. (2014, Feb). The Risks and Opportunities of Mobile Working within Cloud Environments. Paper presented at Practical Perspectives on Secure Mobile Working, Edinburgh.



This presentation outlines the changing architecture of business systems, and with the increasing use of Cloud-based systems. It outlines some of the key risks around using mobile devices for business and social uses, and define some best
practice methods which can overcome these. This includes case study examples which show when things can go wrong, along with attempting to show how easy it is to break the security on a mobile device, using a practical and live
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William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
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Adrian Smales
Research Fellow
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Electronic information now plays a vital role in almost every aspect of our daily lives. So the need for a secure and trustworthy online infrastructure is more important than ever. without it, not only the growth of the internet but our personal interactions and the economy itself could be at risk.

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