Aspects of Lifelikeness: A Framework for Optional Interactions with Public Installations

Helgason, I., Smyth, M., Speed, C. (2012). Aspects of Lifelikeness: A Framework for Optional Interactions with Public Installations. Designing Interactive Systems DIS 2012, Newcastle, UK.



This poster presents a framework for the design and evaluation of “optional interactions” with publicly sited, non-utilitarian installations. These kinds of encounters, where an engaging experience of interaction itself is the design goal, can be regarded as forms of dialogue between people and interactive systems. The framework that is visualized in this poster extends this dialogical model by incorporating system features that suggest aspects of “lifelikeness”, whether human, animal or undetermined, to the user. These aspects are categorized as animate or sentient, referring respectively to their physical and behavioural attributes, or to their apparent intelligence. It is proposed that these aspects may prove to be useful in the design of public installations; as attractors to initiate interaction, and as sustainers, to support engagement with the system. It is also proposed that the framework can be used to inform evaluations of installations sited in public spaces.
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