A New Efficient Distributed Route Discovery for Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Bani Khalaf, M., Al-Dubai, A., Buchanan, W. (2012). A New Efficient Distributed Route Discovery for Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks. In: (Ed.) the 11th IEEE International Wireless Telecommunications Symposium, , () ( ed.). (pp. 1-6). : . IEEE Communication Society.



High performance group communication, such as broadcast, requires matching efficient broadcast algorithms to effective route discovery approach. Broadcast communication in MANETs is essential for a wide range of important applications. Nevertheless, existing broadcast schemes in MANETs suffer in terms of several issues such as rebroadcast redundancy and collisions. Consequently, this degrades the communication quality especially when dealing with high bandwidth applications. Thus, this paper adopts a new strategy that presents a new distributed route discovery (DRD) scheme to handle the broadcast operation efficiently by reducing the number of the broadcast redundancy request (RREQ) packets and the number of collision and contentions. We examined the performance of the proposed scheme DRD in MANETs; in terms of RREQ rebroadcast number and RREQ collision number. Our experiments confirm the superiority of the proposed scheme over its counterparts in different communication constraints.
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