This Pervasive Day: Design and Development Case Study

Helgason, I., Bradley, J., Egan, C. (2011, March). This Pervasive Day: Design and Development Case Study. Paper presented at i-Docs, A Symposium on Interactive Documentary, Watershed Media Centre / Bristol, UK.



This presentation will describe the development process, and the underpinning rationale, behind a multi-format, interactive exhibition and online documentary. This project, to be presented at the Edinburgh International Science Festival and the Science Museum in London in Spring 2011, is part of the EU funded PerAda project’s programme of outreach work. Focussing on potential near-future scenarios, inspired by current research that is going on across Europe, the documentary will be delivered through a website; mobile device location-aware applications with augmented reality content; social networking; and interactive installations of advanced technologies. The documentary is supporting a popular science book “This Pervasive Day” to be published in 2011 by Imperial College Press.

People are both fascinated and alarmed by the idea of computers being able to read, and act upon, their thoughts, feelings and actions. We are now entering a world where the miniaturisation of devices is converging with a massive increase in computing power. This interactive documentary will examine the social and cultural implications of living in a fully connected world, and will encourage people to make informed comment on the future of pervasive, adaptive computing.

The PerAda project deals with research into the high-tech subject of pervasive adaptation in computing, a complex subject, but one that has far reaching implications for society and individuals. As such it is a rich source of material for documentary making. However, while the project team is aiming to increase public knowledge and understanding of this domain, it is also important for scientists to be aware of public attitudes towards the potential applications of their research. For this reason the team has decided to create an activity-based interactive exhibition, alongside a highly visual and game-like website to engage people deeply with the subject, as well as providing a means to elicit and record their opinions in an entertaining manner.
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