PIR sensor array for hand motion recognition

Wojtczuk, P., Armitage, A., Binnie, D., Chamberlain, T. (2011, August). PIR sensor array for hand motion recognition. Paper presented at SensorDevices 2011, Nice, France.

ISBN: 978-1-61208-145-8


Abstract—In this paper we present our work towards a hand gesture recognition system realised with a passive thermal infrared sensor array. In contrast with the majority of recent research activities into gesture recognition, which focus on the complex analysis of video sequences, our approach shows that the functionality of a simple pyroelectric movement sensor can be expanded to detect differing hand gestures at short range. We show that blob detection from a hand waving over a 16 element passive infrared sensor array provides sufficient information to discriminate four directions of hand stroke. This sensor system is unique and lends itself to low cost, low profile and low power applications.
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