HUWY D3.1 Content

Taylor-Smith, E., O'Kane, F., Newman, D. (2009). HUWY D3.1 Content. , (), ..



This document describes the content framework for the HUWY project as well as outlining the main types of content that will be added to the Hub websites. It is a record of the development of the content framework, an overview of how content on the sites will be organised, examples of content and a plan for the next steps of the project.
Activities in the period described in this document include:
* Various workshops and focus groups with young people in Estonia (see D5.11)
* Focus group with young people at the Northern Ireland Youth Forum.
* Electronic brainstorming workshop at HUWY consortium meeting.
* Evening workshop with NIYF young people at QUB.
* Residential workshop with young people from Ireland and Northern Ireland in Donegal.
* 2 workshops with young people in Scotland (see D2.12)
* Analysis of Internet policy issues (from IGF and WSIS).
* Meetings with German youth media group Jugendpresse Deutschland3
This report begins with a description of the methods used to develop a content framework that would encourage young people to engage with HUWY topics, yet also support policy makers in their use of young peopleā€˜s results and ideas. The report then builds a picture of how the types of content should be assembled and how it will be organised on the Hub websites. Types of content discussed in this report include:
* Resources to support youth group participants and facilitators
* Guidance for facilitators and participants
* Resources to support policy-makers
* Structuring results from groups of young people
The document concludes with a look at the steps necessary to ensure that each country has suitable content for the launch of the Hub websites.
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