Crime Risk Evaluation within Information Sharing between the Police and Community Partners

Uthmani, O., Buchanan, W., Lawson, A., Scott, R., SCHAFER, B., Fan, L. (2011). Crime Risk Evaluation within Information Sharing between the Police and Community Partners. Information & Communications Technology Law, 20, (2), 57 - 81.

ISSN: 1360-0834


The aim of this paper is to provide profiles for crimes, profiles that can be used to model the context for information-sharing between the police and community partner organisations. This context can then be integrated with information-sharing syntax used by Single Point of Contact (SPoC) agents to process information sharing requests (Uthmani et al., 2010). The questionnaires attempt to classify crimes into categories, with identifying profiles of crime-types, according to the level of information sharing they necessitate between community partner organisations. Crimes are separated into classifications, which are based on the perceived level of necessary information-exchange among police and community partners. The aim of the questionnaire is to gather academic responses to identify the level of risk in order that it can be defined as risk assessment level, which is crucial to enhancing the public's reassurance in the police.
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