Signing a an e-petition as a transition from lurking to participation

Cruickshank, P., Edelmann, N., Smith, C. (2010). Signing a an e-petition as a transition from lurking to participation. In: Chappellet, J., Glassey, O., Janssen, M., Macintosh, A., Scholl, J., Tambouris, E., Wimmer, M. (Eds.) Electronic Government and Electronic Participation, , () (2010 ed.). (pp. 275-282). Linz, Austria: . Trauner.

ISBN: 978-3-85499-766-5


As one form of online political participation, the e-petitioning is seen as a response to a perceived decline in public trust of political institutions and the associated symptoms of political disengagement. This paper uses the psychological concepts of self-efficacy, prosocial behaviour and lurking and shows how they could be applied to e-participation, in particular in the context of the decision to sign a petition (or not). Different models are examined and some potential future research areas are identified.
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