Application Areas of AIS: The Past, Present and Future

Hart, E., Timmis, J. (2008). Application Areas of AIS: The Past, Present and Future. Applied Soft Computing, 8, (1), 191-201.

ISSN: 1568-4946


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Emma Hart
Director of CEC
+44 131 455 2783

Areas of Expertise

Bio-inspired Computing
In our increasingly global economy, companies are under pressure to optimise their activities in order to gain a competitive edge or to even remain sustainable. our optimisation research specialises in developing state-of-the-art algorithms that are capable of obtaining solutions to complex...
Our future society, and its economy, will be built within a seamless environment of networked information resources. IIDI's Network Theme has been created to meet the demands of this society. Dr Ahmed Al-Dubai leads the Network Theme, which seeks to develop local human capital in the fields of...

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