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We work across every aspect of computer technology from sensors and mobile networks to data intensive applications requiring intelligent processing and filtering. We explore not just the technology but how people interact with the technology and how it impacts on society. 

We work on projects with research councils and clients across all industry sectors, including Financial Services, Manufacturing & Logistics, Health, Digital Markets, Life Sciences, Energy and the Public Sector. We also have a vibrant PhD programme developing new research and new researchers' skills. 

On this page you will find a selection of opportunities for collaborations, our most recent case studies, projects, phd projects and publications. You can also use the following links to search and explore the complete listings:

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Auralisation Suite
The custom 24.4 channel 2.9 kW surround sound system can be used to auralise room acoustics, noise prediction and loudspeaker setups, in addition to location surround sound recordings, synthesised soundscapes and auditory displays.
ICE – Interactive Collaborative Environments
The ICE design philosophy is driven by the belief that collaborative environments must allow the free flow of ideas between people whilst maintaining a browsable history and formalisation of any process that takes place. 5 HD multitouch LCDs surround a custom designed 110" multitouch table which...
sa.FIRE : Secure Information Sharing
sa.FIRE has been designed to be a completely integrated platform for the creation of an information sharing policy and its review, modelling, implementation and auditing. Central to the core architecture principle within sa.FIRE is the SPoC (Single Point-of-Contact) which is a locked-down gateway...
Visual Analytics
Data is one of the most valuable assets a company has and the quantity of data is ever growing. However many companies fail to capitalise sufficiently on this asset. By presenting and interacting with this data using Visual Analytic approaches (the fusion of information visualisation and data...
Along with the green attentions and efforts on energy efficiency of computer hardware, software relevant sustainability issues are becoming increasingly focused, as a part of Green Information Technology (GIT). Undoubtedly, software evolution capability is a vital part in achieving such...
Optimised Routing, Scheduling & Packing
Some processes can be optimised effectively using simple techniques but most real-world problems can be very difficult or time-consuming to optimise, due to complex constraints and the sheer number of possibilities that need to be evaluated.
The Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET)
The Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) has emerged as a new technology to offer solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that aim at helping drivers on the roads by anticipating hazardous events or avoiding bad traffic areas.
Interactive aid for IBS sufferers
"I think the Innovation Project is an exciting opportunity for both small business like myself, who struggle to fund new initiatives and for the graduates from Edinburgh Napier University developing their own enterprises. Any nervousness I had initially around my vision being both understood and met..."
Mountain Bike Coaching App
"Dirt School’s collaboration with Napier University and the students at Geared App has been a great success. We’ve benefited from a young and dynamic team who are keen to listen, learn and develop their own skill set. At the same time drawing on the great resources available through Edinburgh Napier..."
Building a data system to promote the food miles and provenance of Bay Fish & Chips co
"Our aim was to educate customers , suppliers and businesses and create a platform everyone can use and adopt. There was no better way to start this than with the team from IIDI at Edinburgh Napier Univeristy."
Visual Analytics of Unknown Data Sets
"“Edinburgh Napier University have proven to be an invaluable resource for technical consultancy. Providing the expertise necessary as well as quality and timely deliveries, they helped us realise the full potential of our product innovation.”"
Over 5000 gift vouchers ordered online
"We have seen a tremendous uptake from our web presence, indeed of the total number of gift vouchers sold 82% were through our e-commerce facility. By linking our marketing activities on and off line we are approaching 85% occupancy at the castle.”"
Refocussing a information system strategy
"The work your department carried out for ALISS was significant, and helped ALISS move forward during a particularly difficult time: for that we are immensely grateful."
"“We are delighted to be working closely with IIDI as we recognise the benefits of bringing the skills of academia to the business environment, which clearly compliments our own activities. However we also want to play our part in building future skills which is such an essential building block for..."
First UK Racecourse to sell out online
"Our e-business adviser’s input completely revolutionised the way we think about the race course, providing a complete race day experience to long term visitors, corporate parties and specialty race attendees. The future success at Musselburgh will be built on this scaleable business and IT platform."
Scottish Seabird Centre - An unforgettable experience
"“We needed someone to challenge our existing strategies, and to advise us on appropriate technologies yet understand the financial restrictions of being a registered charity. The wide range of skills our ebusiness adviser brought to the project was extremely valuable.” said Lynda."
Graduate Level Apprenticeships (SD, ITMB & Cyber- Cohort1)
Evaluate the impacts and processes of the new Graduate Level Apprenticeship programmes in the School of Computing Measure the extent to which the intervention has met its various aims;Identify impacts on student participants;Identify outcomes for other stakeholders (e.g.
The DISTRO network brings together leading laboratories in Visual Computing and 3D Computer Graphics research across Europe with the aim of training a new generation of scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs that will move Europe into a leading role in the scientific and technological...
KTP Standard Life
The development of enhanced data analytics capabilities to enable the modelling, analysis and presentation of complex data to improve Group Internal Audit’s assessment and insight into business risks and performance
Associate Student Project
Associate Students study at college (e.g. for an HND), then enter university directly into 3rd year. They are given access to university resources and academic support during their college years. The ASP team are working with partner colleges to improve students' transition from college to...
CfE Transitions Project
To explore the impact of the Curriculum for Excellence on the transition from school to university for undergraduate computing students. It will compare the September 2015 School of Computing intake from Scottish schools (the final cohort with pre-CfE experience and qualifications) with the...
e-Placement Scotland
The project aims to create 1500 paid placement opportunities for computing students studying in any Scottish university or college over the 5 year project. We are also researching student, graduate and employer perspectives on work placements.
Context-Active Resilience in Cyber Physical systems (CAR)
Context-active resilience is a novel concept of CPS resilience proposed in this action, which emphasises active and even proactive response to the dynamic state of CPS and its users in real-time. CAR Patterns will be identified via the empirical analysis of practical CPS systems, and specified with...
CNDS Training for Taiz University
The main of this project is to provide networking training.
GEP Identity
To explore the outcomes of 2012 to 2015 Graduate Employability Project, within a theoretical framework focused on identity theory.
Peter Aaby (PhD 2016-)
Continuous authentication and behavioural analysis.
Alicja Pawluczuk (PhD 2016-)
Youth digital culture co-creation. Measuring the social impact in Scotland.
Baraq Ghaleb (PhD 2015-)
On efficient routing primitives for low-power and lossy networks in internet of things.
Dana Khartabil (PhD 2015-)
Visualisation of arguments.
John McGowan (PhD 2015-)
Can a novel real-time music visualisation technique based on Cymatics be used to improve therapeutic experiences of people on the autism spectrum?.
Oluwaseun Bamgboye (PhD 2016-)
A semantic approach for smart city data integration towards improved data quality.
Craig Thomson (PhD 2016-)
Exploiting the mobility patterns of mobile sink nodes to improve the efficiency of duty-cycling and routing in wireless sensor networks.
Lyndsey Jenkins (PhD 2015-)
Enhancing the capacity for workplace learning and innovation in Scotland.
Paul Lapok (PhD 2015-)
Evolving mechanical systems with bio-inspired computing for mechanical design.
Sean McKeown (PhD 2015-)
Fast image identitfication using partial files.

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