Cloud-based e-health: utilising a frailty framework to identify early signs of illness

PhD (part-time): 2013 - 0

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The "Frailty Framework" is the development of a next generation health assessment and predictive analysis system. It will integrate clinical assessment instruments from InterRAI with a cloud-based e-commerce big data analytical engine.
The novelty within the approach is to merge a number of InterRAI instruments to create a pool of clinically validated questions around frailty and implement a patient focused data gathering mechanism that will target the top issues that are affecting the patient; and will additionally use socio-economic and socio-geographic data to augment the clinical information available on the individual patient and provide predictive assessment on immediate and possible future clinical issues.
This approach will allow targeted, individualised clinical "care bundles" to be provided to the patient.
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Adrian Smales
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Taoxin Peng
Panel Chair
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William Buchanan
Director of Studies
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Buchanan, W., Smales, A. (2013, ). e-Health in the Cloud. Paper presented at Future of e-Health, Hollyrood, Edinburgh.