Research Student Projects (Ahmed Al-Dubai)

Craig Thomson (PhD 2016-)
Exploiting the mobility patterns of mobile sink nodes to improve the efficiency of duty-cycling and routing in wireless sensor networks.
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Gopal Singh Jamnal (PhD 2014-)
Cognitive IoT approach for ambient-intelligence smart spaces. Cognitive Internet-of-everything(IoE) approach of Ambient Intelligent Smart Space
Mamoun Qasem (PhD 2013-)
On enhancing the reliability of power and lossy networks in the internet of things.
Baraq Ghaleb (PhD 2015-)
On efficient routing primitives for low-power and lossy networks in internet of things.
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Alsnousi Essa (PhD 2013-)
Cluster-based multi-source multicast routing protocol for wireless sensor networks.
Brian Davison (PhD 2012-)
The influence of varying wind conditions on wind turbine power performance.