Research Student Projects (William Buchanan)

Peter Aaby (PhD 2016-)
Continuous authentication and behavioural analysis.
Thanasis Vogogias (PhD 2015-)
A visual analytics approcah for gaining insights into biological network analysis.
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Adrian Smales (PhD 2013-)
Cloud-based e-health: utilising a frailty framework to identify early signs of illness. The "Frailty Framework" is the development of a next generation health assessment and predictive analysis system. It will integrate clinical assessment instruments from InterRAI with a cloud-based...
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Solomon Uwagbole (PhD 2011-)
Digital immunisation through network packets payload analysis and patterns-matching within a security boundary. SQL Injection Attack (SQLIA) remains today one of the top techniques used by a computer network intruder to pilfer an organisation’s confidential data. This is done by an intruder re-crafting web...
Sean McKeown (PhD 2015-)
Fast image identitfication using partial files.
Elochukwu Ukwandu (PhD 2014-)
Distributed and robust sharing.
Grzegorz Spyra (PhD 2013-)
Secure information sharing in the cloud.

Past Projects