Research Student Projects (David Benyon)

John McGowan (PhD 2015-)
Augmenting music therapy with sound visualisation techniques.
Elochukwu Ukwandu (PhD 2014-)
Enhanced key-sharing algorithms.
Frances Ryan (PhD 2013-)
Online reputation management in a digital world.
Serkan Ayan (PhD 2010-)
Understanding user experience in blended spaces.
Dalal Zahran (PhD 2010-)
Web engineering for the evaluation of large computer web systems: methodologies in web metrics.
Michael Quinton (PhD 2015-)
Sonification of exosolar planetary systems.
phd image
Aurelien Ammeloot (PhD 2013-)
Understanding and designing interactive collaborative spaces. I am currently working on a PhD programme in the Centre for Interaction Design, supervised by Prof. David Benyon and Dr. Oli Mival. I am investigating the state of the art in interactive and...
Thomas Farrenkopf (PhD 2011-)
Applying semantic technologies to multi-agent models for software simulations.
Natalie Kerracher (PhD 2010-)
Tasks and visual techniques for exploration of temporal graph data.

Past Projects