Research Student Projects (David Benyon)

John McGowan (PhD 2015-)
Augmenting music therapy with sound visualisation techniques.
Elochukwu Ukwandu (PhD 2014-)
Enhanced key-sharing algorithms.
Frances Ryan (PhD 2013-)
Online reputation management in a digital world.
Serkan Ayan (PhD 2010-)
Understanding user experience in blended spaces.
Michael Quinton (PhD 2015-)
Sonification of exosolar planetary systems.
phd image
Aurelien Ammeloot (PhD 2013-)
Understanding and designing interactive collaborative spaces. The combination of personal and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technologies with augmented "smart" spaces designed for collaborative work offers new design challenges for the HCI community.
Thomas Farrenkopf (PhD 2011-)
Applying semantic technologies to multi-agent models for software simulations.

Past Projects