Research Student Projects (Hazel Hall)

Alicja Pawluczuk (PhD 2016-)
Youth digital culture co-creation. Measuring the social impact in Scotland.
Iris Buunk (PhD 2014-)
Easier, faster, better? Evaluating to what extent social media facilitates tacit knowledge sharing practices between employees within organisations belonging to the public sector.
phd image
Leo Appleton (PhD 2013-)
The value and impact of public libraries within the Information Society: their contribution to citizenship development. Leo Appleton's PhD research explores the impact of libraries on citizenship. He is based in the Centre for Social Informatics, where his Director of Studies is Professor Hazel Hall.
Frances Ryan (PhD 2013-)
Reputation management in a digital world: the role of online information in the management and evaluation of personal reputations.
Lyndsey Jenkins (PhD 2015-)
Enhancing the capacity for workplace learning and innovation in Scotland.
John Mowbray (PhD 2014-)
The impact of networking supported by social media on career management skills.
Lynn Killick (PhD 2013-)
An investigation into the population census as a tool for building the good society: policy, ethics and social informatics.