Research Student Projects (Emma Hart)

Lyndsey Jenkins (PhD 2015-)
Enhancing the capacity for workplace learning and innovation in Scotland.
Christopher Stone (PhD 2015-)
Software healing inspired by the immune system.
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Andreas Steyven (PhD 2013-)
Exploiting cooperative behaviour to guide open-ended evolution in multi-robot applications. This research is concerned with the evolution and adaptation of robots in evolutionary robotics (ER) in an open-ended evolutionary (OEE) environment. OEE processes are objective free evolutionary...
Emilia Sobolewska (PhD 2009-)
Learning to cope with non discretionary use of digital techologies. Technology surrounds people; it functions as their best friend and the worst enemy. From a trip to the local supermarket, to almost every aspect of people’s professional and social lives technology...
Dana Khartabil (PhD 2015-)
Visualisation of arguments.
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Aurelien Ammeloot (PhD 2013-)
Understanding and designing interactive collaborative spaces. I am currently working on a PhD programme in the Centre for Interaction Design, supervised by Prof. David Benyon and Dr. Oli Mival. I am investigating the state of the art in interactive and...
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Samuel Chinenyeze (PhD 2012-)
Energy-efficient (green) software architecture for smart pervasive systems. With the growing need of the industry and due to high business demands, there have consequently been high demands of IT products to address these needs (majorly seen in the automation of...
Ewan Gunn (PhD 2008-)
Exploiting learning across hierarchies within multi-agent systems in complex environments. One of the challenges of artificial intelligence in computer games is the effective use of learning to either automate the creation of intelligent agents for the release of a game, or to allow agents...