Research Student Projects (Emma Hart)

Craig Thomson (PhD 2016-)
Exploiting the mobility patterns of mobile sink nodes to improve the efficiency of duty-cycling and routing in wireless sensor networks.
Dana Khartabil (PhD 2015-)
Visualisation of arguments.
phd image
Aurelien Ammeloot (PhD 2013-)
Understanding and designing interactive collaborative spaces. The combination of personal and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technologies with augmented "smart" spaces designed for collaborative work offers new design challenges for the HCI community.
Lyndsey Jenkins (PhD 2015-)
Enhancing the capacity for workplace learning and innovation in Scotland.
Christopher Stone (PhD 2015-)
A graph grammar approach to generation and modification of heurisitcs for combinatorial optimisation.
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Andreas Steyven (PhD 2013-)
Exploiting cooperative behaviour to guide open-ended evolution in multi-robot applications. Swarm robotics is a special case within the general field of robotics. The distributed nature makes it more resilient with no single point of failure. Considering the application in remote locations,...