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Prof. Ahmed Al-Dubai is Professor in the School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University. In 2001, he received a PhD studentship (Merit Competition-Award) from the Dept. Computing Science, University of Glasgow and was awarded his PhD in 2004. He has been working on the area of group communications, parallel and distributed computing and high-performance networks. His research has been supported by EU, Universities UK and the Royal Society. His findings have been published in world leading journals such as IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, and in prestigious international conferences including IEEE IPDPS, IEEE ICC, IEEE GLOBECOM, IEEE WCNC, ICPP, IEEE IPCCC and ACM-SAC.  Ahmed has been the recipient of several academic awards and recognitions. He has been a member of several editorial boards of scholarly journals. He has been the Guest Editor for a number of special issues in scholarly journals.

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  • Networks
    Our future society, and its economy, will be built within a seamless environment of networked information resources. IIDI's Network Theme has been created to meet the demands of this society. Dr Ahmed Al-Dubai leads the Network Theme, which seeks to develop local human capital in the fields of...
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+44 (0)131 455 2796

Room D31
Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road
EH10 5DT

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    Recent Projects

    CNDS Training for Taiz University
    The main of this project is to provide networking training.
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    PhD Project Involvement

    Craig Thomson (PhD 2016-)
    Exploiting the mobility patterns of mobile sink nodes to improve the efficiency of duty-cycling and routing in wireless sensor networks.
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    Gopal Singh Jamnal (PhD 2014-)
    Cognitive IoT approach for ambient-intelligence smart spaces. Cognitive Internet-of-everything(IoE) approach of Ambient Intelligent Smart Space
    Mamoun Qasem (PhD 2013-)
    On enhancing the reliability of power and lossy networks in the internet of things.
    Baraq Ghaleb (PhD 2015-)
    On efficient routing primitives for low-power and lossy networks in internet of things.
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    Alsnousi Essa (PhD 2013-)
    Cluster-based multi-source multicast routing protocol for wireless sensor networks.
    Brian Davison (PhD 2012-)
    The influence of varying wind conditions on wind turbine power performance.
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    Recent Publications

    Salayma, M., Al-Dubai, A., Romdhani, I., Nasser, Y. (2017, May). New Dynamic, Reliable and Energy Efficient Scheduling for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN). Paper presented at IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'17), Paris, France.

    Essa, A., Al-Dubai, A., Romdhani, I., Eshaftri, M. (2016). A New Dynamic Weight Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks. In: (Ed.) Proceedings of the 1st EAI International Conference on Smart Grid Inspired Future Technologies, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). Liverpool, UK: . Springer.

    Ghaleb, B., Al-Dubai, A., Ekonomou, E., Paechter, B., Qasem, M. (2016, ). Trickle-Plus: Elastic and Enhanced Standarized Trickle Algorithm for Internet of Things. The IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, .

    Ghaleb, B., Al-Dubai, A., Ekonomou, E., Paechter, B., Qasem, M. (2016). Trickle-Plus: Elastic Trickle Algorithm for Low- Power Networks and Internet of Things. In: Society, I. (Ed.) 2016 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference WCNC , IEEE Workshop on Mobile Edge Computing and IoT, Doha, Qatar, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . .

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