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Prof. Jessie Kennedy has been with Edinburgh Napier University since 1986, where she has held the post of professor since 2000. She was Director of the Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation from 2010-2014 and is currently Dean of Research and Innovation at Edinburgh Napier. She has published widely with over 100 peer reviewed publications, has had over £2 million in research funding, 12 PhD students complete, has been programme chair, committee member and organiser of many international conferences and acts as reviewer for many national computer science funding bodies. She was Keynote speaker at VIZBI in 2012 and IV2012, was Programme Chair for BioVis in 2011, General Chair for BioVis 2012 and 2013 and Steering committee member since 2014. She has been a Member of EPSRC Peer Review College since 1996 and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

Her research interests are in information visualisation and data modelling. Her early work on data modelling and interfaces to databases led to an EPSRC grant in 1996 to investigate Systematic Generic Support for User Interfaces to Databases
in collaboration with Glasgow and Manchester Universities. This was followed by an EPSRC/BBSRC bioinformatics grant to investigate: A Novel Database System for Classifying Biodiversity  in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh(RBGE). Her work on information visualisation (IV) in parallel with this resulted in research in and a tool for Visualising Multiple Overlapping Classification Hierarchies. A follow-on grant: Capturing and Relating Character Concept Definitions in Plant Taxonomy with the RBGE was awarded in 2001. Work on taxonomic data models and databases continued with support from the National Science Foundation, USA where Prof. Kennedy was a principal investigator on a large 5 year cyber-infrastructure project - SEEK (Scientific Environment for Ecological Knowledge) in collaboration with 8 USA institutions. This work led to her grant on the project “TaxVis: Visualisation Tools for Integrating Large Alternative Linnaean Taxonomies”, funded by EPSRC in 2006 and in working with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility which adopted her data standard in their global cyber infrastructure and use of the visualisation tools for understanding of multiple classifications. Her work in biological data visualisation continued with a BBSRC grant VIPER, to visualise and clean errors in pedigree genotype data in collaboration with the Roslin Institute and she is currently working on a BBSRC grant to develop web based visualisation tools for taxonomy - VeSpeR. Prof Kennedy has also worked in other visualisation areas and was co-investigator on an EU funded project OPaL, investigating techniques for measuring and capturing trust in on-line communities forming partnerships and allowing users to visually explore the information when creating partnerships. She is active in exploitation of her research outcomes and in 2007, she led a Proof of Concept project “MATSE: Information Visualisation of Microarray Time-course Data”, to deliver high quality interactive visualisation software for the analysis of microarray time-course data. She is currently PI on a BBSRC Network in Biological Visualisation.
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  • Information Visualisation
    Information visualisation is the use of enhanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to communicate and interact with complex data sets such as social networks, multiattribute tables, and financial data. Pages of text and numbers are not the most effective way to communicate or understand information.
  • Software Systems
    The institute's expertise in software engineering encompasses the entire development lifecycle, and we focus on developing the approaches and tools to improve the engineering process of both emerging and widely used software systems.
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    Visualisation of arguments.
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    Solomon Uwagbole (PhD 2011-)
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    Recent Publications

    Bach, B., Kerracher, N., Hall, Kyle Wm., Carpendale, S., Kennedy, J., Riche, N. (2016). Telling Stories about Dynamic Networks with Graph Comics. In: (Ed.) Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'16), , () ( ed.). (pp. ). San Jose, CA: . ACM New York, NY, USA.

    Kerracher, N., Kennedy, J., Chalmers, K. (2015). A Task Taxonomy for Temporal Graph Visualisation. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, , (), .

    Kerracher, N., Kennedy, J., Chalmers, K., Graham, M. (2015). Visual Techniques to Support Exploratory Analysis of Temporal Graph Data. In: Kennedy, J., Puppo, E. (Eds.) Proceedings of the Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis '15), Short Papers Track, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). Cagliari: . Eurographics Assocation.

    Archambault, D., Abello, J., Kennedy, J., Kobourov, S., Ma, K., Miksch, S., Muelder, C., Telea, Alexandru C. (2014). Temporal Multivariate Networks. In: Kerren, A., Purchase, Helen C., Ward, Matthew O. (Eds.) Multivariate Network Visualization, LNCS 8380, () ( ed.). (pp. 151-175). : . Springer-Verlag.

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